No More Smoking at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

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Smoking is a major public health issue, so it makes sense that our city’s biggest school of public health–the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins–has now banned all tobacco use from its property, including buildings, facilities, and vehicles. And yes, e-cigarettes are included.

“As a school of public health we are dedicated to promoting the well-being of the global community,” dean Michael J. Klag, said in a release. “With the Tobacco-Free Campus Initiative, we are taking steps to also promote our own health as well.”

Other Baltimore-area health institutions have issued similar decrees; some have even announced that they won’t hire smokers in the first place. That may seem draconian, but as the Bloomberg SPH points out, tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death in the U.S., and kills more people each year than HIV, illegal drugs, alcohol, car accidents, suicide, and murder combined.

Good news for the remaining, beleaguered smokers: While Bloomberg “discourages” employees from using tobacco products in outdoor spaces on its campus, you can still smoke outside without fear of being fired. Yet.

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