Johns Hopkins No Longer Nation’s Top-Ranked Hospital

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Mr. T, pitying Johns Hopkins

Speaking of rankings, In U.S. News & World Report‘s latest list of the top hospitals in the country, Johns Hopkins fell from its decades-long position of No. 1 all the way down to No. 2! Massachusetts General of Boston took over the top spot.

The Sun article covering this development includes quote after quote from hospital officials, marketing experts, and healthcare muckety-mucks managing the fallout — saying things like “They’ll survive this, I’m sure” and “It’s not as if Hopkins took a precipitous drop,” and on and on. Yeah. Right.

Get real. We’ve got to begin planning for Baltimore’s future after Johns Hopkins is forced to shut down, now that it can only boast 15 nationally ranked specialty medical programs of which only five are considered the best in the country. Someone get those surgeons and specialists some tin cans and reserve some 7-Elevens for them to stand in front of!

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