Johns Hopkins Senior Named Rhodes Scholar

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Some of the fanciest people in the world — presidents, scientists, and Kris Kristofferson, to name a few — have been Rhodes Scholars. Now we can add Eleanor Gardner, Johns Hopkins senior, to those ranks.

Gardner, who will graduate in the spring with a double major in political science and philosophy, is also captain of the varsity swimming team and a ridiculously accomplished scholar. Gardner, who grew up in Bermuda, snagged that country’s only Rhodes spot for 2012. (In good-old colonial throwback tradition, Cecil Rhodes decreed that the famous scholarship would be allocated to students from various English-speaking countries. These days, countries like Jamaica and Pakistan get to pick one student for the prize, while Canada sends 11 and the U.S. gets 32.)

The scholarship provides funding for two or three years at the University of Oxford. Gardner told the Johns Hopkins Hub that she plans to use her time at Oxford to pursue a Master of Philosophy in Politics. Her undergraduate work has focused on racial politics and social tensions in Bermuda and Baltimore, a topic she plans to keep pursuing.

She’s following in impressive footsteps:  in 2000, Johns Hopkins grad Wes Moore became a Rhodes Scholar; now he’s a bestselling author. We have no doubt that Gardner’s destined for greatness as well.

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