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Friends School Senior Earns State Dept. Scholarship to Study Russian

Friends School senior Benjamin Sherbakov poses with Russian children’s TV character Cheburashka. Photo via Benjamin Sherbakov.

Even as U.S.-Russia relations remain tense and politically fraught, one Friends School of Baltimore senior will immerse himself in the latter country’s language during a trip to the other side of the world.

Hopkins’ Bloomberg School Offers Full-Ride Scholarships to Two Displaced Syrian Doctors

Courtesy Bloomberg School of Public Health

Two highly skilled Syrian refugees have been offered a home in Baltimore for the next year, courtesy of Johns Hopkins University.

JHU Has Another Rhodes Scholar

Courtesy JHU Hub
Courtesy JHU Hub

Johns Hopkins University senior Nicole A. Mihelson is on her way to London next year as one of only 32 American students selected to receive Rhodes Scholarships.

Johns Hopkins Senior Wins Prestigious Marshall Scholarship



Winning the Marshall Scholarship is a big deal — such a big deal, in fact, that only 34 students across the country were awarded the prize this year. And one of them is Frederick native and Johns Hopkins student Anna Wherry.

Tuesday Talks With the Principal at St. Francis of Assisi School




Have you checked them out lately?  You’re going to be surprised by what you find!  from the SFA website:


Author John Glassie Discusses Misunderstood 17th Century Eccentric at The Ivy Bookshop, Jan. 24


glassie man misconceptions_0

Seventeenth century German Jesuit Athanasius Kircher’s interests knew no bounds. From optics to music to magnetism to medicine, his inventions and theories for everything made him famous across Europe. His museum in Rome featured magic lanterns, speaking statues, the tail of a mermaid, a brick from the Tower of Babel and more. Holy Roman Emperors were his patrons, popes were his friends, and in his spare time he collaborated with the Baroque master Bernini.

In A Man of Misconceptions author John Glassie traces the rise, success and eventual fall of this fascinating character. With humor and insight, John Glassie returns Kircher to his rightful place as one of history’s most unforgettable figures. Join Glassie on Thursday, January 24 when he comes to The Ivy Bookshop at 7 p.m. for a book signing and discussion of the controversial polymath.

Johns Hopkins Senior Named Rhodes Scholar


Some of the fanciest people in the world — presidents, scientists, and Kris Kristofferson, to name a few — have been Rhodes Scholars. Now we can add Eleanor Gardner, Johns Hopkins senior, to those ranks.