Johns Hopkins Student Named Rhodes Scholar

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Johns Hopkins senior Peter Kalugin has just been named the university’s latest Rhodes Scholar. That means he’ll be just one of 32 students traveling to Oxford next year for several years of fully funded graduate-level study.

At Hopkins, Kalugin, a native of Albuquerque, is double-majoring in molecular and cellular biology and mathematics, and minoring in physics. At Oxford, he plans to study oncology and work on cancer research.

Kalugin is no stranger to awards. He came to Hopkins as a Woodrow Wilson Fellow and received a Goldwater Scholarship his sophomore year. He also speaks five languages. Basically, he sounds really, really smart.

“Overall, his scientific reasoning, his quantitative and writing skills, and the depth of his understanding of physics place him among or above our best physics alumni pursuing physics PhDs in the top graduate programs in the country,” Nadia Zakamska , an assistant professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, told the Hopkins Hub. “I was therefore astonished to learn that physics is only a small facet of his spectacular CV: Not only does he have a stellar academic record in several different subjects, but he is pursuing a solid research program in cell biology and a variety of extra-curricular activities.”

Congrats, Peter!

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