Johns Hopkins students created a medical journal, without the jargon

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Courtesy photo.

Rushabh Doshi wants patients to be more informed about medical care. To do so, a natural place to look would be medical journals. But Doshi realizes the articles in these publications aren’t necessarily written with the average reader in mind.

“There are only scientific terms that researchers can barely understand, let alone the average person,” he said.

The public health studies student saw firsthand while shadowing doctors that the information could be useful for patients who are seeking to learn about what care might be available to them. Educating patients could help them further understand what’s happening on their visits.

So the Johns Hopkins senior set out to create an outlet that might make the terminology easier to understand. With Hippocrates Medical Review, he is teaming with fellow students to create a platform that functions like a journal, with articles based on scientific research and information about the latest discoveries. But it’s designed to break down complex medical ideas for the reader.

Read about how Doshi and his colleagues are making it happen over at

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