hopkins students sleeping 4

It’s finals season, which may be better known around certain college campuses (ahem, Hopkins) as move-in-to-the-library season. The legends are, well, legendary:  the kids who somehow find a way to bathe in library bathrooms; the kids who don’t bathe for a week; the relentless stakeouts of the most desirable spots. At a certain point, studying — and being stressed about studying — starts to seem like a competitive sport. And so, we salute the intrepid library-nappers of Johns Hopkins. More photos below the jump!

Some Hopkins student with a good sense of humor just started a Tumblr (the “BroLoCo” in question is the school’s newly-opened Brody Learning Commons) featuring paparazzi-style shots of Hopkinites who happen to be power-napping next to their textbooks; we’ve re-posted some of our favorites. It’s pretty amazing how college students can take naps anywhere, anytime. I can’t quite say why, but I find these pictures incredibly soothing — maybe it’s because I’ll never have to take another final exam?

hopkins students sleeping 3
hopkins students sleeping 2
hopkins students sleeping 5
hopkins students sleeping 6
hopkins students sleeping 1
hopkins students sleeping 7