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Michael Phelps Now Promoting Good Sleep for Mattress Company

The Phelps family, Courtesy Michael Phelps/Facebook

Baltimore’s favorite Olympian has spent his historic career training hard, eating a lot and getting very crucial amounts of good sleep. The third of those activities has apparently led him to sign on to an endorsement deal with a startup mattress company.

Sleep Together — It’s Good For You



Spooning: it’s not just a romantic way to sleep through the night; it’s also good for your brain, according to recent research out of Johns Hopkins.

According to Hopkins neurologist Rachel Salas, human beings evolved to sleep together; in prehistoric times, piling the whole family into the bed helped keep everyone warm and safe against predators. In contemporary times, predators are less of a problem, but sharing a bed is still good for you. Spooning releases oxytocin, that feel-good chemical, and may help reduce blood pressure and promote healing. “Humans are social creatures. We want someone nearby,” she told the Wall Street Journal.

Johns Hopkins Students Fall Asleep Anywhere They Want to: A Photo Essay


hopkins students sleeping 4

It’s finals season, which may be better known around certain college campuses (ahem, Hopkins) as move-in-to-the-library season. The legends are, well, legendary:  the kids who somehow find a way to bathe in library bathrooms; the kids who don’t bathe for a week; the relentless stakeouts of the most desirable spots. At a certain point, studying — and being stressed about studying — starts to seem like a competitive sport. And so, we salute the intrepid library-nappers of Johns Hopkins. More photos below the jump!