2,000 Social Security Numbers Exposed to the Internet
Photo via JHU Hub

Johns Hopkins has had a rocky few years when it comes to sexual assault. Four years ago, the school came under fire for allegedly underreporting rapes and assaults on campus. Then last year, the school was subject to a federal investigation for how it handled sexual assault on campus. 

Now, the university is asking students to participate in a survey about sexual violence on campus. Hopkins, ever a fan of data and the scientific method, is “looking to guide our efforts [to combat sexual assault on campus] with empirical data and information,” Robert C. Lieberman, provost and senior vice president for academic affairs, told students in an email.

Other universities that have launched similar campaigns have seen low response rates–below 25 percent. Hopkins is hoping that their awareness campaign gets higher rates of participation.

For more information on the survey, or for Hopkins’s support network around campus sexual violence, click here.