Justin Tucker Goes Public With Plot to End Dabbing

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After kicking yet another long field goal during Sunday’s win over the Eagles, it looked like Justin Tucker was getting into dabbing. But it turns out he was actually applying a form of reverse psychology to end dabbing altogether.

Tucker’s celebrated his 47-yard field goal with lots of dabbing. In fact, it seemed like he was completely overcome by the dab. He told Ravens.com after the game that he is calling it “the uncontrollable dab.”


You may think Tucker was looking to add to his arsenal of celebrations, which already includes impressions of Maximus from Gladiator and Drake. But you probably won’t see Tucker dab again, since Justin Tucker does not like dabbing. As Tucker tells it, his teammates don’t either.

In fact, his uncontrollable dabbing was actually part of a sophisticated scheme to make dabbing so unappealing that no one would do it.  Like field goal records that existed before this season, Tucker said he is looking to relegate dabbing to history.

“If we’re going to make an effort at completely killing the dab, I figured I’d be the guy to do it,” Tucker said. “More than anything, I’ve done the world a great service by killing the dab.”

The source of Tucker’s anger at the dab is unclear, but the team perhaps thought it was time to unleash a new phase of the plan after Cam Newton brought it back in mid-November. Of course, it’s also possible that he just tried to dab and just wasn’t very good.

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