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Justin Tucker Shows Off His Pipes, Wins NFL Talent Show on CBS

Tucker sings “Ave Maria.” Still via CBS/Twitter.

We all know Justin Tucker can sing with the best of them, and now he’s got an award to show for it.

Ravens Kicker Justin Tucker Practiced with the Locals Yesterday at Patterson Park

Tucker in January 2013. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

What’s better than a summertime walk in the park? How about one where you can watch the Ravens’ Pro Bowl kicker drill field goals several feet away?

Justin Tucker Hits a 75-Yard Field Goal at Pro Bowl Practice

Tucker winds up, via @JTuck9/Twitter

The Ravens’ star kicker already capped his historically great 2016 season by being named as a Pro Bowl starter. Yesterday, Justin Tucker put a cherry on top before even playing in the all-star game by knocking back a field goal from his team’s own 35-yard line.

Five Ravens Players Now Set to Take the Field for 2017 Pro Bowl

Justin Tucker headlines the list of Ravens set to play in the 2017 Pro Bowl.

After filtering through injuries to players and replacement selections due to the upcoming Super Bowl, the Baltimore Ravens are now set to have five players representing the team in the NFL’s all-star game.

Four Ravens Picked to Play in Pro Bowl Next Month

Courtesy Baltimore Ravens/Twitter

A handful of the Baltimore Ravens’ best players from this season have been dubbed worthy to play in the NFL’s all-star game in Orlando in late January.

Justin Tucker Goes Public With Plot to End Dabbing


After kicking yet another long field goal during Sunday’s win over the Eagles, it looked like Justin Tucker was getting into dabbing. But it turns out he was actually applying a form of reverse psychology to end dabbing altogether.

Ravens Go Into Full-On Video Game Mode in Win Over Bengals


tucker-entertainedIn the NFL, “trick plays” involve throwing instead of kicking and “fantasy” is connected to stats. In Sunday’s 19-14 win over the Bengals, the Baltimore Ravens did things that brought to mind those words, but went well beyond their current definitions. Looking back, it was kind of like they were in a video game for a few plays.

Justin Tucker Gets Four More Years with Ravens

Ravens kicker Justin Tucker. Which player's jersey would you pick as a replacement?
Ravens kicker Justin Tucker. Which player’s jersey would you pick as a replacement?

Justin Tucker is staying in Baltimore.