Katie Couric to Speak at Hopkins

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Most of us got to know Katie Couric when she joined us in our homes every morning as an anchor on the Today Show. The Arlington native so wove herself into America’s hearts that when her husband passed away from colon cancer, she had the whole country’s sympathy. Since then, Couric has become a tireless advocate for colon cancer screenings. In two weeks, Ms. Couric will be the keynote speaker on Saturday, November 16 for A Woman’s Journey, a symposium right here in Baltimore featuring 30-plus Johns Hopkins physicians presenting on all the latest research and developments on preventing and treating disease, and preserving our health.

If Couric’s presence as keynote speaker seems slightly incongruous, recall when in 2000 she actually underwent an on-air colonoscopy to help raise awareness about colon cancer. For America’s Sweetheart to go that far really opened some eyes. According to Archives of Internal Medicine, “Katie Couric’s televised colon cancer awareness campaign… illustrates the possibility that a well-known individual can draw attention and support to worthwhile causes.” Indeed, right afterward, colonoscopy rates were up around the country. So good on Hopkins for bringing Couric to town—right up the pike from where she came from.


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