Key “Serial” Witness Changes Her Story (Again)

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The very first episode of the hit podcast Serial featured producer Sarah Koenig tracking down a young woman who had key information that threatened to undermine the case against convicted murderer Adnan Syed. 

That woman, Asia McLane, was an alibi witness for Syed back in 1999, when his girlfriend Hae Min Lee was killed. McLane said she’d chatted with Syed in the library at the time when the murder supposedly happened. But then things got muddier: According to prosecutors, she recanted her alibi statement, saying that she had been pressured into it by Syed.

Now, more than a decade after the trial that sent Syed to prison for life, McClane is recanting her recantation. (For some reason, the news broke on The Blaze, Glenn Beck’s website.) If that’s confusing, here’s the big takeaway: McLane says she did see Syed in the library at that time, and she’d be willing to testify on his behalf if he gets another trial.

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