Baltimore Orioles Lower Boxes

All it took was one stellar season and young sports fans who were born when the Orioles’ 14-year slump was already well underway are flocking to the team, according Baltimore Business Journal. Kids are getting even psyched about Opening Day and asking for their parents for caps and jerseys. 

So much so that official Orioles gear has gone from making up 0.77 percent of all Major League Baseball merchandise sold in 2011 to 2.26 percent in 2012. That might still sound low, but it puts the O’s at 14th in the league.

There are a lot of ways to rank baseball players, but my favorite (and the most simplistic) is jersey sales. In case you wondering who the greatest Orioles were in the eyes of current fans with disposable income, right fielder Nick Markakis led jersey sales in 2012. Center-fielder Adam Jones came in second. Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr. came in third.