Laid-Off Timonium Video Game Makers Snatched Up by Epic Games

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From 'Age of Empires III' by Timonium's Big Huge Games

Two weeks ago, 100 video game developers at Big Huge Games in Timonium lost their jobs when their parent company, 38 Studios, imploded, leaving a total of 400 laid-off workers with unpaid¬† back wages. (Interestingly enough, 38 Studios’ website still lists several job openings, but none of them is for a time-machine operator with experience going back and fixing bad business decisions.)

Fortunately for the people at Big Huge Games, the North Carolina-based Epic Games has plans to hire many of their team, taking them to North Carolina to work until they can set up a Baltimore-area office. And Epic could really use the extra talent at just this moment. The company behind the sci-fi third-person shooter Gears of War had recently been looking for ways to step up their output.

BHG had made a name for itself with real-time (as opposed to turn-based) strategy games like the Rise of Nations series and Age of Empires III. They also developed a successful adaptation of the absurdly popular (among geeks) German boardgame Settlers of Catan. Unfortunately, God: the Game, which BHG was developing for the Nintendo Wii at the time 38 Studios self-destructed, has been cancelled. And with a name like that, you know it was going to be awesome.

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