Larry Hogan Reverses Anti-Discrimination Order to Include LGBT Protections

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Hogan: "We're gonna declare a state of emergency."Larry Hogan started off his term as governor by making a lot of people mad last Thursday. But it’s a new week in Maryland, and besides, executive orders can always be revised.

Hogan immediately took flack for issuing an executive order that left “marital status and gender identity” out of a list of equal opportunity protections for state employees. Equality Maryland said the governor was “starting off on the wrong foot” because he left the state’s legally married gay couples and transgendered residents off the list.

On Monday, Hogan amended the order to add the additional two groups.

Equality Maryland said the move was a step back in the right direction, but they’re still watching a separate move Hogan made, which took protections for gay and transgendered residents out of legislation that’s supposed to ban discrimination by the state’s Medicaid providers.

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