Larry Hogan’s Silence on Hobby Lobby Is Hilariously Ironic

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Larry Hogan
GOP Md. gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan

Maryland’s Republican candidate for governor Larry Hogan does not want to talk about Burwell v. Hobby Lobby. The landmark Supreme Court decision granted closely held for-profit corporations religious exemptions from federal laws in certain cases. Specifically, it exempted closely held corporations from complying with the contraceptive mandate.

When pressed for his take on the ruling, Hogan has remained silent. His spokesman, Adam Dubitsky, said the Hobby Lobby case is not relevant to Maryland’s race for governor (even though the ruling could have an effect on Maryland women).

Hogan’s refusal to speak on Hobby Lobby is ironic considering his passionate opinion-spewing last month about another federal decision. When the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office cancel the registration of several Washington Redskins trademarks, the candidate wasted no time denouncing the decision. “Today’s unprecedented action . . . should offend anyone concerned about constitutional limits on government power and free speech,” he said.

He was so fired up about this trademark business he couldn’t help spouting nonsense, saying, “This matter should be decided by the Redskins and their fans without the politically motivated interference of pandering state and federal politicians.” Um, so trademark registration decisions should be made by those seeking to register the tradmarks?

The irony almost explodes with that last statement, which makes no sense as-is, but could be easily adapted to fit the Hobby Lobby case: “This matter should be decided by [a woman] and [her doctor] without the politically motivated interference of pandering [Supreme Court Justices].” Doesn’t it make a lot more sense that way?

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