It’s Your Last Chance to See Maryland’s Wildest Christmas House

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There are Christmas decorations and then there are Christmas decorations. The Daniels family has the second kind. Their home at 5034 Durham Road East is so wildly, effusively decorated that 500 cars an hour (!) pay it homage during the holiday season.

If the Daniels home isn’t part of your tacky lights tour, consider making the trek to Columbia to see the 400,000 bulb masterpiece — it may be your last chance to do so.

Chuck Daniels, the retired computer programmer who masterminds the holiday display, told the Baltimore Sun that he’s going overboard with his decorations this year before dramatically cutting back next year’s planned display.

The Sun also gets into Daniels head, at least a little bit. According to his wife, he doesn’t do anything halfway — after retiring, he trained for and ran the Boston Marathon, for example. Oh, and he hiked the Appalachian Trail. And the Pacific Coast Trail. Now that’s dedication.

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