Is there something in the water in Laurel? Some kind of magic fluoride that makes people a little more competitive, a bit braver in front of an audience, and that much more camera-friendly? It would seem possibly so based on the sudden double television-game-show showing made by Laurelites in April.

First, on April 11, Diane Mezzanotte of Laurel appeared on “Jeopardy,” going home happy with second-prize money worth $2000. And this week Jeffrey Alexander, an employee in Laurel’s Department of Parks and Recreation, appeared on the-Drew-Carey-hosted “The Price Is Right,” after taping a segment back in February when he and his wife, Sharon, visited L.A. for their ninth wedding anniversary.

Alexander, who resides in Hyattsville, snagged almost $10,000 in prizes: four camcorders, a computer plus built-in printer, a steam shower with a hands-free telephone, a folding bicycle, and $1,700 in Coach handbags, which he said his wife appreciated.

“They interview everyone, to see who they want to get on stage,” Alexander told The Baltimore Sun. “The first question they asked me was ‘How’re you doing?’ So I broke into the Ray Lewis dance, and they seemed to like it.”

From audition to competition phase, Alexander celebrated both Baltimore and Laurel every chance he got.

After his name was called, Alexander performed the former Baltimore Ravens linebacker’s dance all the way down.

“In a way, I felt like a celebrity,” he told The Sun. “People were watching the show and congratulating me on a fine job representing myself, and the city of Laurel. I’m very proud to represent the city. This place means a lot to me.”

What will the residents of Laurel play next? If they’re taking requests, I’d like to see them get their numbers up even more by landing a whole Laurel brood on “Family Feud.”