Lawyers for Baltimore Protesters Get $50K Grant

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Eric Garner
Baltimore protests another grand jury decision, via WJZ.

Attorneys who represent Baltimore protesters in court received a grant to help continue their work into the fall.

The $50,000 grant from the Open Society Institute’s Baltimore Justice Fund. The money will support the Baltimore Action Legal Team (BALT), which was created in April to support protesters affiliated with Black Lives Matter and other local groups as they rallied against the death of Freddie Gray.

“Since April 2015, BALT has trained hundreds of lawyers, law students, and activists in legal observation and jail support,” a release states. According to OSI-Baltimore, people who were arrested during the protests that followed Gray’s death are still in need of legal representation. Additionally, the group is looking to continue its work ahead of protests that could arise around the trials of the six officers accused in Gray’s death, which begin Nov. 30.

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