Black Youth

Tuesday night, several black lawyers sat on a panel at the Empowerment Temple Church in Baltimore to address questions from black youth and their parents about their rights when stopped by the police, and how to best avoid police brutality. It’s pretty depressing to think that this is the reality, but here we are. Here are a couple takeaways, via the Baltimore Sun:

+ Keep your license and registration overhead in your vehicle so that an officer will be less likely to think you are reaching for a gun.

+ Even after the officer instructs you to produce your license and registration, tell the officer where they’re located and ask permission to retrieve them before moving your hands.

+ If an officer asks to search your vehicle, always refuse.

+ Don’t get into an argument about your civil rights with officers.

+ “[Y]ou have the right to shut up.”

The next such seminar at Empowerment Temple will take place in November and will include police officers themselves.