Le Garage Beer Bar & Frites to Open in Hampden Friday

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Le Garage Beer Bar & FritesHampden is ready to welcome a new bar and restaurant to take over the old Dogwood location. Le Garage, which as you probably got from the name is a casual French place, opens this Friday on the Avenue.

The executive chef is Sarah Acconcia, formerly of the 13.5% Wine Bar, who has been tasked with crafting “working class” versions of fancy French staples and putting new twists on “peasant dishes.”  Entrees will be priced between $15 and $19 “for the most part” (though City Paper has it between $16 and $23 for single-person entrees).

I guess that’s working class (if you’re never furloughed and only have one kid). But there’s also supposed to be a decent beer list and “an imaginative assortment of frites with innovative dipping sauces,” so maybe the working class can split a plate of frites.

That said, it’s certainly not expensive for a French restaurant boasting an executive chef with a resume like Sarah Acconcia’s.

For more on what to expect from Le Garage, read Charm City Cook Amy Langrehr’s article on the restaurant that ran on Baltimore Fishbowl back in January.

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