DONATED MEDIA: Meet Lemmy, currently seeking a winning new best friend. Consider adopting him today! This Maryland SPCA Cutie Pie in Residence, an 11-month-old border collie/pit bull mix is smart, active and affectionate, according to experts on the inside. Lemmy loves hugs, tummy rubs, and joyful interaction. He gets along great with children and other dogs, but due to his overwhelming passion for felines (he tends to chase them), he’s best placed in a home that’s kitty-cat free. The ideal new human match for Lemmy will be attentive and active—no diehard couch potatoes need apply, unless willing to convert to ball-throwing, block-walking, smile-cracking reborns—and expressive of physical affection. Now’s your chance: Let Lemmy change your life!

Each year the Maryland SPCA helps more than 3,000 animals find homes.