LGBTQ-friendly Night Shift 2.0 in East Baltimore closes permanently

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Night Shift 2.0 in East Baltimore. Photo by Ed Gunts.

Night Shift 2.0, the East Baltimore nightclub that opened last September with the goal of creating an “adult entertainment experience” where anyone in the LGBTQ community would feel welcome, has closed for good.

Managers posted a notice on Facebook to thank staffers and patrons and say they won’t be coming back after the state-imposed shutdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“It is with a heavy and sad heart to announce that whenever the Coronavirus pandemic is over, Night Shift 2.0 will not be reopening,” the message said, in part.

“The reasons are not important, what is important is that thanks to our supporters, patrons, regulars, performers, hosts, DJs, producers, dancers, bartenders, staff and managers, we experienced 6 months of unbelievable fun and excitement that made memories to last a lifetime. For that, we’re forever grateful.”

Night Shift 2.0 was created by former operators of the Baltimore Eagle after their landlord decided to change management and temporarily closed that business last August.

Night Shift’s location was a former female strip club at 1725 Ponca St. that catered to workers at the old General Motors plant and other companies near the city’s industrial waterfront east of Canton.

Unlike the Eagle at 2022 N. Charles St., Night Shift 2.0 was about a half hour drive from Baltimore’s central business district.

The new operators said they weren’t trying to recreate the Baltimore Eagle, one of several unaffiliated Eagle bars around the country that cater to the leather and kink communities.

They said they were trying to provide a “safe space” for all segments of the LGBTQ community. They made a point of featuring go-go dancers with a wide range of body types and booking a diverse lineup of entertainers.

Night Shift was last open in mid-March, when Gov. Hogan closed all of Maryland’s bars and restaurants as part of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Ed Gunts

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