Rat photo via westbaltimoresquares.org
Rat photo via westbaltimoresquares.org

Our post about National Geographic dubbing Baltimore “the heroin capital of America” made one thing clear: Baltimoreans have a lot of opinions about living in Baltimore. Luckily, we’ve found the perfect place for you to vent.

It’s time again for the city’s annual Citizen Survey, a poll that asks Baltimore City residents things like “How would you rate the cleanliness of Baltimore?” and “How important is rat control to you, on a scale of 1 to 10?” There are questions about traffic jams, vacant lots, graffiti, and public transportation.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake says the results of the survey serve as something of a report card for the city, helping city agencies measure their performance and decide what needs extra attention. In other words, you’re being asked to complain, critique, grouse, and grumble. (I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if you had some nice things to say, too.)

Take the survey online here.

9 replies on “Do You Like Living in Baltimore? The Mayor Wants to Know”

  1. sad part is the people that actually pay taxes in the city and are the ones keeping their neighborhood clean and appealing don’t have the safe feeling we all want. Why don’t we have a police substation in the Patterson Park? Why do we allow slum lords in up and coming neighborhoods when the ultimate goal is to make the city a better place. why cant the garbage men get all of the trash in the garbage truck and not leave stuff on the ground and break all our trash cans? It goes on and on. Help the people that actually take care of the city and finance it through the highest property taxes in the country and what do we get in return?

  2. Do more with the slum landlords & vacant houses and lots issues
    Fix the streets and lights!
    Clean up the streets and alleys
    Help neighborhoods clean up/get all the trash with bins monthly
    More patrol police presence and community talks and walks-develop communication and relations with residents
    Enforce the rules and laws we already have!

  3. To clean up Baltimore one must keep it real to self,what do I mean? If I sell drugs on a block,addicts live in that neighborhood. you want the drucg dealer gone start with your house and get that someone some help couse he or she is the reason the drug dealer is posted in your hood….ps. X drug dealer

  4. I love living in the city I hate that phony mayor…She can post on national tv be some 10 ten best dressed (matter of opinion) but she can’t address the victims of crimes…what are our alternatives…why are our public schools a disaster what alternatives are in place for our young black youth right now it’s jail drugs and drive by. What is her plan for these rats…this crappy one day trash pick up and I really loved the way she botched the parade when the RAVENS won the Superbowl. Stephanie Rawlings Blake is a joke and I can’t wait until the next election to vote her OUT…I bet you won’t post this

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