The Washington Post’s Tripping blog became the latest to rile up Baltimoreans over a perceived slight coming from that other city with a Beltway to the south this week. The headline, “Come to Baltimore, where the housing is cheap — and life is too,” tells a lot of the story.

The column was written in response to a new ad campaign by Live Baltimore that’s look to let residents in D.C. know that housing in Baltimore could be cheaper. The side-by-side comparison of housing price in the two cities in the ad led writer Frederick Kunkle to pen the following lede:

Tired of paying high rent in D.C.? Don’t mind riding the train for an hour or more? Or getting shot? Move to Baltimore!

There were a lot of takes on Twitter as soon as the article came out. But a statement straight from Live Baltimore pretty much sums up the 140 character sentiments:

Live Baltimore finds The Post’s disrespect for Baltimore’s residents—especially those touched by violence—deplorable. While we are pleased to see both city and non-city residents speaking out against the author’s inflammatory and offensive comments, we will not drive clicks to articles of this nature by responding through our own social media channels.

Stephen Babcock is the editor of Baltimore and an editor-at-large of Baltimore Fishbowl.