Sorry folks, we were given the wrong piece when this originally posted.  As lovely as it was, it wasn’t ‘wheat grass’.  Here’s the real deal, and in case you liked the last piece , it’s included below as well.
‘wheat grass’
10 x 10
Oil, acrylic and charcoal
Notes from the artist:
“Painting was inspired with the hope that spring is around the corner. I love beautiful grasses and how they move in the wind and the light that hits them so they look like party streamers! This piece has metallics in it that radiate that light hitting the grass in a reflective way. Cheers to spring!”
‘Big Sky’
12 x 9
Oil, acrylic and charcoal on wrapped canvas
Local artist Liza Matthews was one of our featured artists in 2012. The MICA-trained painter’s complex yet harmonizing works of art add visual interest to any interior.  See more of Liza’s work on her Facebook page, or read about the artist and her art here.
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