Local Government Wishes You a Happy (and Safe) Halloween

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Trick or Treating

Remember how growing up, parents and teachers would do their best to drive home  rules for a safe Halloween? Make sure an adult inspects your candy before you eat it. Stick to your preplanned trick-or-treating route, etc. But is it just us, or has trick-or-treating become one of those things that used to be thought of as relatively carefree, but that is now treated as potentially dangerous? Well, Baltimore City and Baltimore County officials aren’t taking any chances. They’ve released official words on keeping the kiddos safe this evening. And we have to admit, though we’re firm believers that trick-or-treating should still be considered a fun community event (as opposed to something parents need to fret over), Louise Rogers-Feher’s (Baltimore County Public Safety Information Specialist) report that Halloween is the second deadliest day of the year for pedestrians is sobering.

While it may be too late (and fruitless anyhow) to convince your little trick-or-treater to add a little reflective tape to that Batman costume, or that her witch costume would be way more convincing in some kind of neon, it’s not too late to make sure kids practice good sense when they’re out and about. “It goes without saying that parents should walk with their children. It keeps them safe from traffic problems and unwanted overtures from older kids looking for a little mischief,” says Rogers-Feher. Also: “Be a role model when it comes to obeying pedestrian traffic laws. Cross only at a crosswalk, and only when the light gives you the go-ahead.”

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