Local hardcore and metal label A389 Recordings calls it quits

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A389 Recordings, the locally run label that was a home for hardcore and metal acts Noisem, Full of Hell, The Black Dahlia Murder and many more, has ceased operations.

In a Facebook post last night, A389 owner Domenic Romeo announced the label’s web store was closed and that most of the albums are now out of print.

“It’s been a wild ride from operating out of the bedroom of my old house to two huge storage units to the final spot in my current basement,” the post says.

Many of the bands that were on the label are now on Relapse Records, Romeo notes. And it is also the label for Romeo’s hardcore band, Integrity.

“So yeah that’s it,” Romeo writes. “As for me, it’s been a wild ride and I’ve been enjoying the quiet.”

Brandon Weigel

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