Local Schools Vie for Top Honors in Robotics This Weekend

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It’s something of a battle between brainiacs. In the FIRST Technology Challenge (FTC) Maryland State Championships, select high school robotics teams from around the state strut the stuff that their made-from-scratch robots can do. This year, Friends School of Baltimore will be represented by two teams of students, duking it out to see whose robot moves with the most grace and efficiency.

The veteran delegation of Friends’ Upper School Robotics Club—including seniors Noah Todd, Augie Calabresi, Michael Latman, Ben Roggen, Giorgio Caturegli, Santiago Loane, Ryan Frank, Augustina Gilmore and junior Lina Brock—won in an earlier round the FTC’s most prestigious honor, the Inspire Award, thereby securing them a berth in the Championship

“The Inspire Award Winner is an inspiration to other teams, acting with Gracious Professionalism™ both on and off the playing field. This team is able to communicate their experiences, enthusiasm and knowledge to other teams, sponsors, and the Judges. Working as a unit, this team will have demonstrated success in accomplishing the task of creating a working and competitive robot,” according to Maryland FIRST Tech Challenge personnel.

Also hailing from Friends in the championships will be a rookie squad, whose robot “George” qualified them for the championships.

These talented students are among the 4,000-plus students across Maryland to have taken part in this year’s exciting competition, which caps off with the championship next Saturday, February 22, 2014 at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab.


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