Local University Selects a New Mascot

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If you’ve been on a MARC train recently, you may have seen an ad for UMUC — the University of Maryland University College. (Yes, it really is possibly the most redundantly named school in the country.) The school, a branch of the University of Maryland system, has never really needed a mascot, since it’s always been a distance-learning institution. This year, however, that’s going to change. UMUC is asking students, staff, and faculty to vote on its first-ever mascot. The options are fairly standard: Eagles (“Like UMUC students, eagles soar”), Tigers (“Like our students, tigers are fierce”), Bears (“The UMUC teddy bear is also a popular item at commencement”).

The school is also allowing write-in votes. Let’s hope some creative-thinking alumni can come up with something a bit more exciting than the usual suspects. How about the UMUC Mice (since the majority of classes are online)? How about the UMUC Redundancies (because of that name)? Readers, do you have any creative ideas?

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  1. UMUC has not always been an online school. I believe it opened in 1949, long before online courses were around. It still has many “brick and mortar” classes.

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