Locust Point Resident Hopes Airport-Themed Cable TV Show Takes Off

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Air Fare America’s Andrea Vernot and Middle River Aviation’s Kevin Walsh. Photo by Steve Ruark.

Courtesy Bmore Media – Andrea Vernot was kayaking with her husband Brent one beautiful Sunday morning in June on the Eastern Shore’s Transquaking River when the light bulb went off.

The calm was broken by the sound of a single-engine, two-seater propeller airplane flying above. Vernot thought of the pilot flying into theCambridge-Dorchester Airport and what he would eat when he lands. Once there, he would likely dig into fried oysters and award-winning crab cakes at Kay’s at the Airport.

Small airports. Small planes. Small plates. Stir the four ingredients to create a web and cable TV show highlighting the food finds, museums and other attractions at these general-aviation airports, which don’t receive commercial passengers. There are 2,560 of them in the US and 36 in Maryland, according to trade group Airlines for America. And unless you are one of the nation’s 600,000 pilots or live in the vicinity, you probably haven’t heard of businesses like Kay’s.

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