Chefs Brenden Hudson and David Montaguedo will be opening Velleggia’s in 2,000 sq. ft. space at Cross Street Market in Federal Hill. Velleggia’s will occupy a closed-off space in the market previously occupied by Rooster & Hen.

Velleggia’s was a longtime staple in Little Italy before the family sold the building in 2007. Hudson’s grandfather Frank Velleggia Sr. was the owner of Velleggia’s. Hudson grew up at the restaurant and worked on the floor before making his way to the kitchen.

Hudson and and Montaguedo will be bringing back some of the popular dishes from Velleggia’s focused on housemade pasta, veal, and seafood, plus coming up with new plates and putting their spins on the classics. When Velleggia’s is not serving housemade pasta, it will get pasta from the Velleggia family pasta business, Casa Di Pasta.

The chefs will also bring back the bold interior designs of the former Velleggia’s. The original Velleggia’s was designed by longtime Baltimore interior designer Rita St. Clair.

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