Looks Like Chris Davis Will Be Able to Use Adderall Next Season

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Chris Davis Approved for Adderall Use

In a very casual phone interview on 105.7 The Fan, Orioles manager Buck Showalter spoke on several topics — from which of Santa’s reindeer Showalter most resembles, to watching the Army-Navy game, to whether it’s politically incorrect to be proud to be an American. But the most interesting tidbit — the sentimental Nick-Markakis talk notwithstanding — was about Chris Davis.

Showalter told hosts Ed Norris and Steve Davis that the first baseman has “supposedly” been approved to use Adderall next season, the same drug he was suspended 25 games for using at the end of last season.

“Go figure that out,” Showalter said. “Don’t get me going, all right. The timing was… uh… anyway.” He followed up by saying it probably wasn’t public knowledge and that he’d “get in trouble for that.”

Well, at least it looks like Chris Davis won’t be getting in trouble for anything anymore.


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