Loyola’s Competitive Eating Queen

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Last summer, Loyola senior Alexandra Fili worked at one of those so-called “fat camps” that try to teach overweight kids better eating and fitness habits. And then she came back to Baltimore and won an eating contest. “I called them at the end of the day,” Fili told Loyola Magazine. “I said, ‘Mom, dad, not only is your daughter a genius, but I’m also a competitive eater.’ ”

Fili hardly fits the (fat/sloppy/male) stereotype of the competitive eater. She’s a biology major, an aspiring dentist, and the head of WLOY’s volunteer-based creative writing radio program. But the girl can also eat. Last year, she entered Cafe Hon’s Bread Pudding Eating Contest at Hampdenfest on a whim — and ended up winning. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, she went over to Holy Frijoles to see how many tacos she could eat in five minutes. (Thirteen, it turns out.)

This year at Hampdenfest, Fili handily defended her crown — though it was hardly a sure thing. “There was this one guy who was in his 20s. I looked over and he was more than halfway done, he was basically almost finished. But he was eating too fast, and he started gagging, and that’s when I picked up my win this year,” she remembers. Fili’s secret weapon is the patented Kobayashi shake, the secret stomach-sloshing move associated with professional competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi.

Fili, who comes from a family of dentists and hopes to become a dentist herself, assured the magazine that she brushed her teeth thoroughly after scarfing down the pound of caramel-drizzled bread pudding. “And flossed, too,” she says.

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