Made in Baltimore – or at Least Headquartered Here

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Let’s face it, Baltimore City and the state of Maryland seem to have an incredibly difficult time (well, all of America really) holding onto businesses/companies that make actual things. From widgets and doohickeys all the way up to coffee and cars, Maryland did at one point have a rich tapestry of manufacturing jobs that sustained a very robust working class – especially in the city. But alas – GM, Solo Cup, Bethlehem Steel, Black and Decker, Pepsi, on and on – a lot of the big names have left the building. No blame in the game, just a statement of fact.

Increasingly, it’s all tech companies and art districts. Software and coworking spaces. Small to micro manufacturing of very, very niche products are on the rise – which is great, but for now most of the major manufacturing jobs are vapor – a 35 percent decline in the past ten years. Be all of this as it may, there are still some companies left that make and sell products across the United States based in Baltimore, aside from the Under Armours, McCormicks and …uh, Berger Cookies of the world. And so we present Made in Baltimore, a limited (to how long we feel like doing it) series on products that are well, made in Baltimore. (Or at least headquartered here)…

Today’s spotlight – Sun of Italy

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The City That Breeds is popular, funny local opinion blog that we enjoy.  We are re-publishing the Made in Baltimore series because we liked the concept and we asked and Evan said yes!  -The Eds.


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