Man in Induced Coma After Arrest by Baltimore Police

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On Sunday morning, Baltimore police arrested a man (“who fled from them,” says Deputy Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez), who afterwards was sent to the hospital with spinal injuries, and who as of Monday was in an induced coma.

WJZ reported that the man’s family identified him as Freddie Gray, reported as either 26 or 27 years old.

There isn’t much to know right now. There is cell phone video of the incident, though not the entire incident. Police say the video shows no use of force, while witnesses have called the arrest “brutal.”

Police have implied that they believe the man sustained his injuries after being handcuffed. Gray’s godbrother told WJZ that “[h]e was completely healthy, fine being carted off, aside from his leg” (which Gray’s god brother said had been bent back by police during the course of the arrest).

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