Manatee Takes Summer Trip to Maryland

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Maryland's manatee (photo by Brian Swan)
Maryland’s manatee (photo by Brian Swan)

Manatee sightings are usually the stuff of summer vacations in Florida, but water watchers in Waldorf, Md. got a rare glimpse of the gentle marine mammal experiencing a bit of Pleasant Living.

According to the National Aquarium’s blog, the manatee was spotted in St. George Creek, a tributary of the Potomac River. Maryland Hunters posted the initial photos on Facebook, and gives credit to Brian Swan of Southern Maryland for the find. As the photos show, manatees have to come up to the surface for air, and usually just put their nostrils above the surface of the water.

Aquarium staff informs that the Chesapeake Bay is an ideal spot for a mantee’s summer vacation because it has plentiful sea grasses for the so-called sea cow to graze. They also move easily between salt and freshwater. If a mantee takes a northerly migration, it usually only lasts until about September when the weather gets a little cooler.

Manatees are listed as a vulnerable species. So if you happen to see one yourself, make sure to give it wide berth. The National Aquarium wouldn’t mind a tip, either.


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