Manny Machado Wins Dog Show

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(Manny Machado the Mexican Hairless, that is.)

The canine Manny Machado, whose full name is GCH Bayshore Stonehaven Manny Machado won Best of Breed at the elite Westminster Kennel Club Show on Monday. (His breed is properly called Xoloitzcuintli, but “Mexican Hairless” is easier to pronounce and more evocative… in English, at least.) The human Manny Machado is a third baseman for the Baltimore Orioles and salsa baron. Don’t get the two of them confused.

Dog-Manny has far from the goofiest name in the dog show world. His father was named GCH CH Bayshore Georgio Armani, for instance. And one of his competitors on Monday was named GCH Augustine’s Kiss the Boy’S — yes, with that capitalization and punctuation.

Oriole Adam Jones is a fan of Dog-Manny, which makes me think that Human-Manny must know about his canine counterpart. Hopefully, he’s amused, not insulted.

The Washington Post reports that the dog is owned by dog trainer and Orioles fan Lynda Hylton of Salisbury, Maryland, where the Delmarva Shorebirds compete. Manny Machado played for the Shorebirds in 2011.

“The name is just one of those that flows so easily,” Hylton told the Post. “And Manny Machado, he’s such a great guy. You don’t ever name a dog after a guy who’s a butt-head. Without asking Mr. Machado if it would bother him if he would mind having a dog named after him, we just did it. He’s just a super dog.”


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