How Many Square Feet Can You Get for $1 Million in Baltimore?

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A $1 million house used to sound pretty fancy. Even now, seven figures can buy you something quite nice in a lot of places around the country. In San Francisco, however, it’s barely enough to afford a 1,500 square foot apartment.

Zillow has crunched some numbers about average prices per square foot and figured out how much a million dollars would buy in a bunch of different housing markets. The disparity is quite striking. For the amount of money you’d spend on a two-bedroom in the Bay Area, you could (hypothetically) buy a 83,333 square foot house in Detroit–if such a thing existed. (For comparison’s sake, the ostentatious house featured in the rad documentary The Queen of Versailles was 90,000 square feet.)

In Baltimore, a cool million will net you a 7,692 square foot house. That’s pretty luxurious, if not quite palatial. In the mood to drool over real estate? Here are some recent million-dollar-ish (and million-plus) properties from our Hot House column: the Federal Hill townhouse; the high-end farmhouse; and the iconic estate.

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