Map Shows Md.’s Lone Congressional Climate Change Denier

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Climate Change Deniers in Congress
Via Think Progress

The people liberal kooks over at Think Progress put together this handy map that colors states according to the percentage of Congressional representation willing to speak truth to power — that is, willing to stand up to 97-98 percent of climate researchers and say that climate change isn’t happening, or if it is, humans are not the cause.

You might think that blue, blue Maryland wouldn’t have produced a legislator with the guts not to drink the “scientific consensus” kool-aid, but luckily, we’ve got Rep. Andy Harris — the Eastern Shore Republican who’s gotten on D.C.’s nerves for preventing the implementation of voter referendum marijuana legalization aimed at, in his words, “increasing drug use by D.C. teenagers.”

Think Progress quotes Harris saying this on climate change: “I believe the actual science is uncertain … We have to understand why it hasn’t; before we spend literally, worldwide, trillions of dollars on this, we should understand exactly what’s happening, and even more importantly, whether … by spending that money, we have a change of affecting it in any significant way. Because I don’t believe we are going to convince the rest of the countries of the world not to use more energy.”

See, here’s a guy who understands that just because up to 98 percent of climate researchers agree believe that climate change is real and that it’s anthropogenic — and the up to 2 percent who disagree have less expertise and prestige than the other 98 — that doesn’t mean there’s certainty. We should do more research, so we can “understand exactly what’s happening.” Exactly what’s happening. Not 98 percent sure; 100 percent sure! And besides no other countries are going to help.

I’m with Harris. Let’s just go on, business as usual. I say, if we’re all going to hell, we might as well do it in a comfy handbasket.

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