Marilyn Mosby Once Appeared on Judge Judy — And She Won

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Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 3.59.22 PMEven before she passed the bar, Marilyn Mosby was getting experience winning cases in the courtroom. A YouTube clip making the rounds today shows one such early example, when the future Baltimore City State’s Attorney appeared on Judge Judy.

The clip shows 20-year-old college student Marilyn James (James is Mosby’s maiden name) duking it out with former neighbor Ryan Johnson in front of the wisecracking judge. (The New York Daily News confirmed the appearance with Mosby’s office.) Mosby accuses Johnson of breaking into her apartment while she was on summer break at Tuskegee University. Showing early prosecutorial signs, Mosby brought photos, and talked about how she found baby decorations in the apartment that immediately reminded her of Johnson’s pregnant wife.

In the end, Judge Judy awarded Mosby $1,731.90. The only mistake James made was not asking for more money. Judge Judy told James she would have awarded punitive damages.

“I spoke to the DA, I spoke to police officers, and finally, Judge Judy, she finally gave me justice,” James tells the camera at the of the episode.

Mosby’s latest daytime TV appearance charging six Baltimore police officers in the death of Freddie Gray rocketed her to more lasting fame. A judge, however, has yet to weigh in.


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