Marine from Frederick Asks Out the First Lady

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She still has eleven months to change her mind, but last week First Lady Michelle Obama replied with a tentative “yes” to Marine Lance Corporal Aaron Leeks’ request that she acompany him to the Marine Corps Ball next November.

The native Marylander says he asked Michelle Obama, the wife of his commander-in-chief, to be his date as a way of saying “thank you” for her personal support of military families.

Apparently, asking celebrities to the ball is not unheard of — Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake were among the attendees last month. But inviting, in Leeks’ words, “your boss’s boss’s boss’s wife?” That’s got to be a first.

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  1. Hey, a Marine from Frederick can ask whoever he wants!

    Domicile of Justice Roger Brooks Taney, burial ground or F.S.Key and inspiration for Whittier’s “Barbara Freitchie” (, Frederick is home to some of Maryland’s greatest patriots. If the Marine from Frederick wants to dance with the First Lady, I say the Corps can be proud to see her trip the light fantastic. I hope she accepts.

    Hoo-rah, Cpl Leeks!

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