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mallowsIn Valparaiso, Chile earlier this week at the Our Oceans conference President Obama designated two new federal marine sanctuaries. One’s in Maryland! Yay us! Fear the turtle!  

The other is in Michigan. Whatever. I mean, yay. Go…Big Blue? The turtle is so much fiercer than a color mascot. Sorry, Harvard Crimson.

Do you like to be scared? I don’t. 
I like to sit around in the autumn and eat snack-size Kit-Kats and watch Merchant Ivory films from the ’80s.  
Yet during PSLS (Pumpkin Spice Latte Season) many of you like a frisson of fear. While I am home watching Howard’s End in a poncho and making salted caramel apple pie you are going to Field of Screams
For you adrenaline junkies, I provide the link to the Austrian horror film Goodnight Mommy that critics are calling the scariest trailer of all time. Just the phrase “Austrian horror film” alone makes me not be able to sleep for a week. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
I’m with BuzzFeed’s Matt Bellassai on this one: Fall Is The Worst. Case in point: Shrunken Heads in Cider, video and recipe courtesy of Martha Stewart. Another case in point: I’m trying to decorate my doorway with gourds
How to make a pumpkin spice latte at home. Now that’s a tally mark in the pro-fall box. Also, we have our very own local farmhouse cider brewery. Millstone Cellars. In Monkton.  Get thee to a cidery!is something Shakespeare totally could have said.



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  1. I love living in Baltimore, but I’m 100% positive that University of Michigan’s mascot is the Wolverine, which is fiercer than a turtle

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