Marion Winik Reviews New Book by John Waters

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From Newsday – CARSICK: John Waters Hitchhikes Across America, by John Waters. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 322 pp., $26.

You may have heard something about 68-year-old Baltimore film director John Waters hitchhiking across the country in 2012. The tweets and Facebook posts of those who picked him up went viral, and by the time he reached San Francisco, the trip had been covered by The New York Times.

The prologue to “Carsick” explains the inspiration for Waters’ “hobo-homo journey” — “Hasn’t writing and directing fifteen movies and penning six books made me feel complete?” he wonders. “Go ahead, John,” he urges himself after due consideration, “jump off the cliff.”

Before he ever left the house, he’d written two-thirds of the book: novellas titled “The Best That Could Happen” and “The Worst That Could Happen.” Both are crazy, nasty and pornographic, with moments of true hilarity — just like a John Waters movie.

The Best trips include visits to a demolition derby, a depraved carnival, poppers and Jujyfruits, sex with aliens and a ride from Connie Francis.

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