Martin O’Malley Flaunts E-mail Praise from Hillary Clinton

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clinton-omalleyHillary Clinton’s trove of “personal” e-mails from her time as Secretary of State aren’t just fodder for ravaging Republicans. Her Democratic rivals are digging into the files, as well. Martin O’Malley’s campaign apparently thought going through the e-mails was worth it, as they found some HRC praise for the former governor from 2010.

The e-mail from Clinton to U.S. Sen. Barbara Mikulski said “our friend Martin” should be “re-elected by acclimation” as Maryland governor. This, of course, was two years after O’Malley supported Hillary against Barack Obama in the brutal 2008 Democratic primary.



O’Malley’s campaign sent their own e-mail showing off the praise and saying O’Malley was “flattered.”

“We made progress where it counts, and I’m happy to see Secretary Clinton thought so, too,” the e-mail states.


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