Photo by Jody Couser, Chesapeake Conservancy via Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

The Maryland Board of Public Works on Wednesday approved more than $5.2 million to advance the state’s commitment to buy a waterfront property near two historic beaches in Annapolis.

Governor Hogan announced plans to turn the 5.17-acre property near Carr’s Beach and Sparrow’s Beach into a public park last month. 

Carr’s and Sparrow’s Beaches served the Black community during segregation, when they were prohibited from using other beaches. 

Carr’s Beach, known as the “Beach,” once hosted prominent musicians such as The Temptations and Ike and Tina Turner. 

“My mother and many African Americans visited Carr’s Beach between the 1940s and 1960s to enjoy concerts and recreation, and I am pleased that we will be providing new opportunities for future generations to make lasting memories,” said Lt. Governor Boyd K. Rutherford in a statement. 

The acquisition will be funded by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources through Program Open Space funds and Local Parks and Playgrounds Infrastructure funds.