Maryland House of Delegates in session in Annapolis, Maryland. Photo by Matt Bush/WYPR.

A bill that would expand Medicaid coverage options for transgender individuals across Maryland passed the House of Delegates just before the legislative deadline, known as Crossover Day, this past weekend.

Crossover Day is when one of the two legislative bodies must pass a bill for it to have any chance of making into law this session, which is March 20 this year.

The House of Delegates passed the Trans Health Equity bill by a vote of 93-37 on March 18.

“All the reliable research out there supports this bill,” said Del. Anne Kaiser, a Montgomery County Democrat and bill sponsor said on the House floor Saturday.

The bill still needs a final vote in the Senate.

The trans health care legislation broadens which treatments would be covered under Medicaid to be more aligned with what private insurers offer individuals.

Medicaid is a health insurance program jointly managed by federal and state government for low-income individuals typically younger than 65 years old.

While Medicaid provides some gender-affirming treatments, there are others that fall outside of its scope.

For example, the ability for individuals to change their hair, modify their voice through therapy and even medical care that makes alterations to their face or neck. In addition, some individuals may choose to preserve aspects related to fertility.