For Maryland, Climate Change Means More of These Crazy Weather Events

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Climate Change will continue to mess with Maryland

The Obama administration just released its third National Climate Assessment on the likely effects of climate change across the United States, and in case you were wondering, it’s not pretty. The report is extensive. Here’s what Maryland can look forward to (and to a degree is already happening):

+ More smog. This is dangerous particularly to children and other vulnerable populations.

+ More downpours. We’ve seen their apparent effect on aging infrastructure!

+ More heatwaves. Specifically, “more than 60 more days of temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit by mid-century than were normal in the 1990s.”
+ Rising sea levels. Maryland is particularly vulnerable here given our “higher rate of sea level rise and relatively flat coastlines.” The assessment warns that “298 acres, or 32 percent of the overall port facilities in the state” are in danger of being rendered unusable by flooding, but no clear time-frame is given.

+ Warmer winters. But paradoxically, risk of frost and freeze damage has increased over the past decade.



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