Maryland College Offers Marijuana Class

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With recreational marijuana legal in a handful of states and probably coming in many more, pot is becoming big business.

Students at Anne Arundel Community College can now earn college credit for thinking about how best to market from selling pot. That’s because the school is offering one of the nation’s first “Business of Marijuana” classes.

There are a couple other for-profit schools out there that teach a similar blend of business and buds– the Cannabis Career Institute; the Northeastern Institute of Cannabis— but the Anne Arundel class encourages students to think creatively about how they might profit from the spread of legalization. Fertilizer? Artisinal rolling papers?

“The people that made the money in the Gold Rush were not the guys with the nuggets. It was the people who sold them the picks, the shovels, made the blue jeans, opened the banks,” professor Shad Ewart told WJZ. “I’m just trying to open their eyes to the opportunities. Be the guy that supplies the lighting, the nutrients, the dirt.”

Ewart also noted that there’s no textbook that’s appropriate for the class–yet. I smell a business opportunity….


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